Fire curtains

Kent Fire curtains are barriers replacing fire doors and fire partitions and provide a safe escape for up to 4 hours to the occupants of a building in event of an fire.



Kent Fire Curtains are life safety systems that are designed to arrest the spread of fire in a building. The assembly comprises a fire resistant fiberglass fabric wound over a roller and all encased in a compact head box that is typically installed above the ceiling to be virtually invisible until activated.

Small scale testing of the Kent Fire Curtain for oversize assessment
When activated by either a general fire alarm or a local detector, the fire curtain descends from its holding position within the head box to its operational position (floor level) and thus forms a physical barrier for fire compartmentalization. Using the Kent Gravity Fail Safe System, our fire curtains descend without the need for power and are fail to safe systems. These fire curtains have enabled large open building designs where otherwise permanent fire rated partitions would be required.