ACO Hygienic floor drain

ACO hygienic drainage uses stainless steel floor drains to fulfil the strongest hygienic requirements to prevent bacterial contamination. We apply hygienic design principles reserved for food processing equipment (EHEDG document No. 8, 13 and 44) to the commercial kitchen and restaurant floor drain design and NSF/ANSI 3-A 14159-1-2014.



ACO Hygienic Floor Drain Features:

  • Full drainability
  • Internal radii equal or larger than 1/8 inch (3 mm), increasing cleaning effectiveness
  • Hygienic joints
  • Edge infill
  • Stainless steel grade min. 304 according to AISI
  • Fully pickle passivated
  • A deep-drawn body ensures smooth contours eliminating crevices that can harbor bacteria
  • Connects seamlessly with surrounding floor
  • Maintained easily
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Slip resistant grates


ACO Floor Drain range is available in a number of versions featuring different grates, sizes and vertical or horizontal outlet options to suit various applications and flow requirements.

The floor construction and depth together with the use of any waterproofing membrane play an important role in the selection of the appropriate type of floor drain.

Fixed height floor drains are convenient and free-standing units which are suitable for cementitious, resin or tiled floors.

Adjustable drains can be installed either with a floor drain top or ACO trench drain in most flooring constructions, including floors with waterproofing membranes.

Vertical and Horizontal Solutions 1. Grates 2. Silt Basket 3. Optional foul air trap 4. Standard foul air trap support 5. ACO Floor Drain body – horizontal outlet 6. Floor drain top 7. Friction ring 8. ACO EasyFix leveling feet 9. ACO Floor Drain body – vertical outlet