Specialty Solutions

ZERO has long been a leader in addressing challenging applications with innovative and unique technology.



Solutions to challenging applications.

Piecing a solution together across multiple product and manufacturers adds time, complexity and risk. Instead, ZERO offers proven solutions for a variety of applications, including: sound control, fire and smoke seals, flood barriers to ADA access systems and more.

In addition, ZERO offers many unique products for challenging applications, such as:

  • Specialty head and jamb protection ligature-resistant gasketing: The rubber in our patented ligature-resistant gasketing is scored before insertion into aluminum extrusions, which allows the seal to still function normally for its specified purpose, but it will now break apart if removed from the housing or if any weight is placed on the seal to prevent unintended usage.
  • Cam lift full mortise hinges: Used with sound-insulating doors utilizing acoustical seals, the cam action greatly improves the sealing characteristics along the door perimeter, lifting and lowering the door with the swing.
  • Finger guards: This commercial-quality, maintenance-free product provides hand and finger protection for heavy-duty industrial applications, child care, school safety, hospitals, and workplaces.
  • BioWall™ antibacterial gasketing: This non-toxic rubber inhibits and suppresses microbial growth and reproduction and also provides natural resistance to abrasion, washing, and exposure to UV radiation and various chemicals.
  • Flood barrier shield: Features a removable barrier that blocks up to a foot or more of flood waters from permeating door or window openings.