Sound Control

Zero sound seals and systems are built to withstand the stress of the installation process and perform reliably.



Proven solutions for sealing the gaps.

Zero uses advanced technology to master two critical challenges: creating an effective sound barrier at the perimeter of the door and preventing gaps in that barrier for the life of the assembly. Gaps in sound barriers are a major problem because sound travels through any opening with very little loss. Imperfect alignment is a common cause of gaps even in newly installed gasketing.

Problems can also surface later on as buildings shift and settle and doors cycle through changes in temperature and humidity. ZERO solves the problem efficiently with adjustable gasketing. Models such as the 770 adjustable jamb-applied gasket are designed to perform consistently over time and when clearances increase, a few turns of a screwdriver is all it takes to restore a sound-tight seal.

Our featured SOUND TRAP gasketing systems can satisfy a wide range of commercial and industrial sound-control applications for single swinging doors – as well as provide privacy behind double doors for typical office applications.

Features & Benefits

  • STC Rated assemblies deliver proven performance
  • Reliable sound seals built to withstand stress over the life of the opening
  • Restore sound tight seal with a few turns of screwdriver with adjustable jamb-applied gasketing
  • Application coverage with our gasketing systems that can satisfy a wide range of commercial and industrial single and pairs of doors


ZERO has designed and tested its systems against air, light, smoke, fire and sound to demonstrate the effectiveness of these products and materials. By specifying a complete “Control System,” you are assured that the components installed for head, jamb and sill will perform properly together. All tests were performed in accordance with nationally accepted standards by independent laboratories. For specific STC ratings by system number please see the catalog.


See catalog for dimensions, drawings, available options and certifications for each part number.

  • Sound trap sealing systems for single and pairs of doors include all necessary components, such as head and jamb seal, automatic door bottom and threshold, to achieve specified STC rating
  • Vision Lite increases sound rating with for doors, walls and acoustical windows
  • Structural silencing tape minimizes vibration and sound transmission in floors and walls